Saturday, May 21, 2011

Stampin' Up! Convention Melbourne 2011

Welcome to my Convention 2011 Post! I have loads of photos, so please make yourself a cuppa and have a browse. I had an awesome time, and I'm not sure what I was most excited about... Seeing Melbourne for the first time, having a 'break' from homeduties, stampin', or just hanging out with the girls & EATING! (We did a LOT of that ;)

Ackland St Bakery mmmmmm, YUM!

Sarah-Jane Kale, Sarah Klass & I at Perth Airport, so excited that we're almost on our way!

Seat 18C!

A little last minute Tombow glue-ing..
random cake shot :)

St. Pauls Cathederal? Anyone? Please correct me if I'm wrong..

The 'upside down' Yarra river, named because all the mud appears to be on the top. We crossed this bridge a dozen times a day :)

A couple of lost tourists ;)

St. Kilda tram. Brrrrr it was COLD that day!

St Kilda markets

Max Brenners' Chocolates, mmmm!

This glass walled ensuite was the talk of the trip. Just as well SJ and are are very good friends! Lol.

Finally, inside the Convention Centre, the gorgeous SU staff, including the AMAZING Shelli Gardener wow'ed us with some fabulous presentations. Look at that stage! Giant wooden stamping blocks and a HUGE tag made the atmosphere really fun!

Practicing a bow a-la-Teneale Williams after her fabulous WOW presentation!

The lovely SJ and I on awards night

and again..
Flinders St Station

Gorgeous Bonnie Thurber with SJ and I

I just love this shot of Sarah, enjoying her french toast..

A HUGE highlight of Convention for me was meeting the gorgeous Fiona Harrison! We have been in touch for well over a year via cyberspace, but to meet this amazing lady was truly a treat. Fi is a midwife as well as a talented stamper and maker of body treats & candles... and well, I think I asked her about a gazillian questions! Thank you for your patience Fi! Love you!

More SJ & Lulla. I swear we did more than just take photos of ourselves! There were just so many lovely ones, I had to include them.

Federation Square
And another one, see, I told you!

The gorgeous Louise Layton! Another lady who made this trip fabulous! What an honour to meet the face behing Inky LouLou designs!

And finally, some random French dude..

So there you have it. This post has taken me hours, as Blogger is soooo not my friend, so please excuse the random order of photos as I would have been here into next week to pretty everything up.

We had a blast!

Thanks for looking,

Lulla xx


Fiona Harrison said...

Great shots and great memories. Was so awesome to meet you at last you're even more gorgeous IRL! I told Keesh I bet you're at Uni within a few years. Was fun talking to someone who 'gets' the whole midi thing, and reminds me what a privilege it is to work in such a field. Look fwd to keeping in touch,
Love ya babe,
Fi x

Sharnee Torrents said...

Dearest Lulla,
what a treat COnvention '11 was!!! SO wonderful to have met you (even if i didn't know exactly whom it was at the time!!) as for that HAT! LOVE IT!!! Also love the tourists pic, the food ones and the one of SJ!!! Hope your weekend has been super, look forward to more action here again soon!! Way to go!
SMiles SHarnee :)

Claire said...

Hi Lulla, happened upon here via SJ's blog and OMG what crafting loveliness I have found and some super pics of Melbourne to boot. Sounds like you had a fab time exploring Melbourne with the Sarah's. Love your pictures, but that last one of SJ is just GORGEOUS. Well done for encouraging her to wear her flower. She looked AMAZING :) Have bookmarked you now so be prepared to be stalked from afar, lol.